While the word “occupy” never appeared in the advance publicity,  it’s doubtful that people who showed up Tuesday for the “Job Not Cuts” demonstration near the State Capital building in Columbus, weren’t aware of the significance of their effort.  No, there was not a mega turnout of people worthy of banner headlines.  But the 75-100 people who were able to get away in the middle of a work/school day, knew they were making history:  Columbus was joining the hundreds of thousands of people across the country who have been inspired by the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations and are rallying to express their frustration, anger and concern for tenuous state of the American dream.

What was particularly noteworthy about the Columbus demonstrators was who they were.  The median age of the crowd appeared to be at least 15-20 years older than the crowds in Lower Manhattan. But the message on the signage they carried was no different:  We want our county back; America belongs to the people, not the corporations; where are all the jobs we were promised?