Did you know that President Obama’s jobs bill, is really a covert effort to destroy marriage in America?  You didn’t?  Well you’re obviously not listening to the

....and the word of the Lord will ring out from Texas. Will you listen?

paranoid, delusional thinking of some of those wise Texas politicians who are quite sure they are more in touch with God and the truth than most of us.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, (Republican, schizophrenic of Texas,) announced on the floor of the United States Congress this past Tuesday, that he is sure that President Obama’s jobs bill is actually part of covert effort to destroy marriage in America.  How?  Gohmert knows something about the bill that apparently no one else is aware of:  the jobs bill provides tax credits to unmarried couples that married people don’t have.

And please don’t mention to the congressman that the vast majority of unmarried couples in this country are heterosexual.  He is quite sure they are all gay.  After all, didn’t the President promote his jobs bill last week when he spoke to the homo-group in New York?

But the rambling, unfocused statesman from the same state that executes more people than any other and that has an evangelical governor who doubts evolution and climate change, is quite of what he is talking about:

“This president, by virtue of the power to tax, the power to destroy, takes a shot at traditional conventional marriage.  This may be something nice he’s throwing out for gay folks that are living together so he can tell them actually you are better off not getting married because there is a marriage penalty here,”

Is everyone clear on this point? Gohmert is of course opposed to gay marriage. President Obama has made it clear his administration will not defend the “Defense of Marriage Act.  But Gohmert is sure that the President Obama is going out of his way to provide tax credits to unmarried couples as gift to the gay community which is demanding the right to marry.  Clear as mud?

This makes about as much sense as a speech Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association gave last week.  LaPierre told an   NRA gathering that even though President Obama has not promoted any anti-gun legislation, YOU JUST KNOW OBAMA WANTS TO TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS!

Ya think it might be time to substitute fluoride in American water for anti-psychotic medication?