When I first set up Tent Of Abraham, I promised that this site would be a place for sharing ideas and inspiring stories.  I fear that too often, I’m more inclined to kvetch (complain)  about people and events.  As a profoundly religious person, I should be putting as much effort into acknowledging what is beautiful and right about the world.

Today, a friend shared this amazing video.  I would have to rate this clip, “3 tissues;” it is moving, inspiring and so incredibly life affirming as make us feel good about this world in spite of all the nonsense going on around us.

Special kudos to the Aussie Mom who took two disfigured Iraqi orphans into her heart and home.   Do you really think it’s a coincidence that these lives were brought together?  Think again.

Many of my fellow lefties like to put religion down as the source of much of the trouble in the world.  This video affirms two profoundly spiritual facts: 1)  the compassion that all faiths demand of their followers, does make a difference in the quality of lives for many people; there is no difference between the words “God” and “Love.”   2)  The fact the Emmanuel, has turned out to be the beautiful, talented soul that he is,  and humanity now has a chance to be inspired and entertained by him, is proof that words like “random” and “coincidence” are just words.

Enjoy, and if you are a bit of wuss like me, have a tissue or two handy.