The national debt, Obama’care, taxes, big government, socialism abortion, gay rights, gay agenda, regulating and taxing the job creators, illegal immigrants, Muslims, Sharia law, same-sex marriage, lost national pride, “taking back America.”

Can you remember a time in your life when Republicans weren’t strutting out one or more of these boogeymen issues to scare people?

Would anyone of the current Republican candidates suggest that a hospital refuse to provide emergency services to a person having a heart attack because he/she didn’t have health insurance?

But that’s exactly what they and the Republican Congress are doing by not allowing President Obama and the Democrats to stimulate our faltering economy with new spending programs that could put millions of Americans back to work.

The boogeymen of the last few years has been the American debtDon’t you dare stimulate the economy by increasing our national debt!  Unfortunately, the economy is at stake, not our national debt.  What difference will it make how big our debt is if our economy fails?

And how would the Republicans stimulate the economy?  When it comes to America’s fiscal affairs, the one and only idea Republicans know to regurgitate ad nauseam, is lower taxes on rich people and corporations.  But please, ignore the fact that corporate taxes are, on a historical basis,  lower than they have ever been.  And please ignore the fact that there are so many loopholes and subsidies available to large American corporations that most of them  pay little or no taxes at all.

Orthodox Republican allegiance to the private sector is killing America.  Its time for President Obama to shoot from the hip with both barrels and call these useless, fear-mongering demagogues out for who they are.

President Obama’s Labor Day remarks were a good start. Thursday night, expect to hear the President  propose a massive jobs program to rebuild the American infrastructure.   Hopefully, he will courageously dare the Republicans to further sabotage the economy and scare Americans by not supporting such an effort

Enough with the Republican boogeymen, its time for realistic, sober, intelligent decision-making based on “smarts,” not fear.