The hassidic reggae singer and musician, Matisyahu, has posted the most amazing story about a remarkable young man named Elijah.   In literally the final hours of  Elijah’s battle with cancer, standing at Elijah’s hospitable bed, Matisyahu and Elijah together composed and recorded:  “Elijah’s Song.”

Anyone who has ever felt despondent, angry or cheated by life, (and really -who hasn’t?) needs to heed the words of this beautiful song.  With his life energy fading, Elijah pleads with all of us to continue the struggle, never give up.

We could have uploaded a copy of Elijah’s Song to then Tent of Abraham, but Matisyahu is asking people who would like to hear or download a copy of Elijah’s Song, to visit the special page on his web site where you can read in his own words how the song came to be and make a modest donation to the Elijah Memorial Fund.

Here are the lyrics to this inspirational song:

Never know what tomorrow brings,
don’t have the answers to tell you.
Take it one step at a time,
see where God will lead you.
I don’t have the words to say,
But a miracle happens every day.
Are you just too blind to see it?
Open your eyes I’m sure you’ll find,
That God is always behind it.

Never give up, never quit just keep moving on
You’re a survivor just keep on living strong.
When you fall down just keep on moving along,
Elijah it’s the time of your song.

Thank you for the inspirational message Elijah……. olav ha’shalom, be at peace.

Matisyahu and his special friend, Elijah