The following column was originally written on July 25, 2011  for my column on Religion & Politics on the national page of   According to the good folks at, they received “a number of complaints” in the first few minutes the column was online.  We suspect that some of the regular, more conservative readers of my column who liked to challenge my “left wing” take on most issues, took exception to its content. The censoring of this particular column was the inspiration for creating


The web site, BuzzFeed, has published 60 photos of gay couples who were married just yesterday, July 24, 2011 in New York.  In looking over the pictures of the “supposedly” happy couples  -some with children, I realized I have been wrong all along in supporting marriage equality.

These perverted, sicko, sodomite-heathens weren’t heading home to live happily ever after. Clearly, they have evil in their eyes!  Just look at those faces: these people have now been empowered to:

  • Impose their evil gay agenda on innocent God-fearing heterosexuals throughout the land, even on people in those in states
    One of the many gay couples who married in NY on July 25, 2011

    that Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann can’t remember or think belong to Canada

  • They will leave New York in a matter of hours in their well planned, systematic quest to destroy “real families” and leave the Marcus Bachmann’s of America with no closet to hide in
  • On their way to imposing their perversity upon the land, they will demand that all Americans color coordinate their clothing and show better taste in hairstyles, shoes and home decor
  • These sickos, especially that old lady in the wheel chair, are hell-bent on entering the private homes of all descent American families and demanding that people engage in the most heinous acts imaginable including the destruction of all clothing purchased at Sears, 8 track tape cartridges of disco music and all VHS recordings of the Lawrence Welk Show

You’ve been warned America!  These demented, hated ridden, MARRIED gay New Yorker’s are on their way!  Now quick, one final rousing chorus of the Star Spangled Banner before Somewhere over the Rainbow becomes the national anthem!