How could anyone not have empathy for those frightened, hard-working, gentle souls who elected our sleazy, lying, disloyal, immature, bigoted buffoon of a President? Afterall:

  1. Hate had nothing to do with it. But how quickly can we build the wall and stop all immigration?  Dreamers be damned.
  2. The Earth is flat.  
  3. Jesus wants you to carry a gun and shoot first. 
  4. News you don’t like is fake news.
  5. People who are smarter than you are elitists. 
  6. Science is crap. 
  7. Higher education is dangerous.
  8. Climate change is a myth.
  9. Law enforcement is corrupt if they’re investigating Trump or any other people you need to believe in.
  10. Amerikkka is for white, semi literate people who “THINK” they are Christian 

economically scared deplorables