A friend who identifies as a libertarian and who often, sometimes justifiably,  take me to task for being to vitriolic and condescending in my description of people on the conservative-Republican right in this country, sent me the above meme today.

Here are a just a few vitriolic-condescending questions I have the people who created this meme and the people who think that it is both, humorous and wishful thinking.

Why does Barack Obama deserve to go to jail for 27 years?

  1. Because he’s probably better educated and more sophisticated that 95% of people who identify as Republican, tea-party patriots, birthers and libertarians, etc.?

  2. Should Barack Obama go to jail for 27 years because he won’t play the “my tribe is better than your tribe” game and has respect and tolerance for people of all nationalities, religions, races, ethnic groups, genders and sexual orientation?  Is he evil because unlike you, his self-confidence and self-esteem is not a byproduct of the hate he and his clan have for others?

  3. Does President Obama deserve to be in jail because in spite of his Muslim sounding name, he is probably a better Christian than all the people who give lip service to Jesus and New Testament teachings on Sunday only to continue their overt hostility and indifference to the poor and people who are of a different race, nationality, gender, religion or sexual orientation are on Monday?

  4. Do you want to put Barack Obama in jail because he is trying to create an America you dread:  An inclusive, tolerant, compassionate country where character and brains matter more than the condescending labels you feel compelled to use in profiling others?

  5. Is Barack Obama a desperado worthy of jail time because he understands that protecting individual freedoms requires limiting certain freedoms, like the right of just anyone and everyone to own a hand gun let alone a military assault rifle? 

  6. Are you ready to throw Obama in a cell and throw away the key because it just kills you that one of them is the leader of ‘your’ country and deciding how to spend ‘your’ tax dollars? 

  7. Tell the truth: Does the knowledge that because President Obama is such a decent, tolerant man he probably has more respect for you in spite of your boorish disdain for him,  just annoy the crap out of you and keep you up at night?  GOOD.  It should.