Do you remember the debacle with the grass-roots anti-poverty organization ACORN a few years ago?   An ACORN field worker was caught by a couple of Republican vigilante hacks forging false voter registration forms and in a matter of days any breathing American who didn’t want to be labeled unethical or guilty of treason was forced to condemn ACORN which shortly thereafter went out of business.

Did up know that last week our incredibly useless Republican controlled American House of Representative voted to defund ACORN even though doesn’t even exist anymore?  You can’t make this nonsense up!  But it’s really happening.

This afternoon, President Obama made what many might think is an incredibly enticing offer:  Let’s lower the corporate tax rate in this country from 35% to 25% for manufacturing businesses and 28% for all other companies in an effort to create jobs and stimulate the economy.  What does the President want in return for such a grand bargain as he called it?  Government funding for education, job training and new public works projects.

House Republicans rejected the proposal out of hand as just another shameful attempt by the President to spend money and expand the role of government.

  • How dare the President of the United States try to create jobs, create a better trained and educated work force and fix our country’s crumbling infrastructure!

  • How dare any thinking, caring decent American who is not wealthy continue for Republicans who only care about serving their corporate masters and not the American people!