In presenting this 4 minute video as part of the morning news, Fox made it official today that they most certainly have no interest in being “fair and balanced;”  they are in the business of promoting the idea, talking points, distortions and misinformation that Republican candidates use to scare voters.  They are without a doubt, without argument, a conservative, right-wing, anti-progress, anti-fact, anti-intellectual, anti-civil rights, pro-corporate, Republican propaganda outlet.

And if your response to what we have written above is, ” but all the networks are biased,” you are part of the problem. You are one of those emotionally immature, intellectually dishonest people who prefer living in a fantasy world where you prefer that you opinions not be challenged by facts.

Democracy requires an open, honest, unfettered, independent free-press that is not controlled by the government or corporate interests.  And that ladies and gentlemen, is most certainly not Rupert Murdoch’s trashy Fox NOISE network that is anything but a trustworthy, reliable source of news and information for the American people.